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Sequoia's experts have unique professional experience to drive activities throughout the duration of our clients' projects, while mitigating risks and maintaining tight control over variables that can affect scope, cost, quality, and delivery.

Our goal is to exceed our clients' expectations and collaborate for the most sustainable outcomes.


Our Dramatic Differences

  • We support strategic projects, and routine capital improvement projects

  • We specialize in the replacement, upgrade, and/or augmentation of existing systems

  • Project Engineering is a core training for our PM’s

  • We bring multi-disciplined and cross-functional technical expertise

  • Our culture prevents technical silos in our consulting

  • We can provide critical custom equipment that meets engineering and integration specifications prior to delivery (engineering procurement support)

Critical Value for Projects

  • Increased predictability for uncommon projects

  • Mitigation for less-familiar scenarios, and larger-scale projects 

  • Increased confidence for your most strategic endeavors

  • Simplification of projects with greater difficulty 

  • Highest degrees of visibility and ease of execution

  • Extension and enhancement of internal resources, as appropriate

  • SEDA's consultants provide valuable trusted advisor perspectives in organization’s best interest(s).

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