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With over 30 years of experience in providing new and innovative approaches to automation and control, we are your partner in understanding your needs and developing solutions to meet them. From concept to commissioning, we are committed to developing, designing, and engineering your controls needs.

​Our efforts consistently provide high-quality professional and courteous service that exceeds expectations.


Instrumentation & Controls

  • Consulting

  • Metering Systems

  • Plant Automation and Control Systems

  • Emergency Shutdown/Protective and Other Safety Systems

  • Specialized Systems and Data Collection Systems

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  • Industrial Power Systems

  • Analytical System Studies

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

  • Energy Conservation



  • Plant Automation and Control Systems

    • Integrated instrumentation systems

    • Programmable logic control

    • Control valve sizing and application

    • Instrument specification

    • Instrument system design

  • Emergency Shutdown, Protective and other Safety Systems

    • Emergency shutdown systems

  • Specialized Systems (SIL rated, SIS) and Data Collection Systems

    • SCADA system design

    • Fiber optic systems

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